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Superior Ideas for your Search Engine Optimization for your company

Superior Ideas for your Search Engine Optimization for your company

A few weeks back some colleagues of mine attended the Inbound 2012 Conference in Boston. As expected, there were a plethora of great speakers, such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Rand Fishkin, who left everyone that took the time to listen with some great takeaways. For this post, I'm going to more... discuss the topic of SEO in relation to Rand Fishkin's presentation.

If you are unfamiliar with SEO (aka: search engine optimization) here is a description courtesy of me:

- SEO is the practice is organically (i.e. nonpaid) getting your website to be positioned closer to the top of Google search results for a given keyword (i.e "shoes" or "athletic running shoes").

Now SEO is straight forward in terms of concepts, however, it is still an extremely difficult practice from a technical standpoint. If you are new to SEO, this post may be difficult to comprehend. I encourage you search around the web yourself to see what you uncover (hint: SEOMoz). But if you are familiar with SEO then you will find the 10 tips below extremely eye opening.

Read on to see the light provided...

Ranking Isn't All That Matters The ranking of your website is extremely important, especially for keywords you are looking to target. However, there are a variety of other key metrics that are extremely important, such as time on url site, click-through-rate (CTR), impressions, etc.

Active Link Building Isn't Required (Not a big fan of this one) Links are the meat, potatoes, plate, silverware, napkin, glass... (you get the point) of SEO. They are extremely important, but the key is to be creative and provide value to your community. If you provide value, people will naturally want to link to your content.

There Can Be More Than One Topic Many people think that focusing primarily on one topic will yield the best results. When realistically, focusing on broader topics will cast a wider net to pull in an audience.

The Only Social Networks That Matter Are Facebook And Twitter This is both true and false. It really comes down to where your audience resides. If they tend to lean more towards an obscure network, like Pintrest (it isn't obscure, I'm just not a fan), you need to be there to engage them.

Viral Content Is Your Only Chance Getting content to go viral is extremely difficult. Sure a couple friends share it on Twitter and Facebook, but so what? It is critical to remain focused and keep trying. Either way, content is being created whether it goes viral or not and that is a great thing!

Don't Just Target Highly Searched Keywords Sure going after highly searched

Don't be the product, buy the product!